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2Pac & Dr. Dre – California Love Part 2


2Pac – California Love

2pac feat. Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, Top Dogg, Outlawz – All About U (Same Hoe)

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Every other city we go!!

2pac – To Live And Die In L.A

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It’s nostalgic.

2pac – If My Homie Calls

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The Outlawz Respond To Funkmaster Flex’s Diss to 2pac – They Put Funkmaster Flex In His Place

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Funkmaster Flex was dead wrong for dissing the late 2pac. I’m not even gonna replay the clip for you guys here because I don’t condone anybody dissing dead rappers. You can go find that sh*t on YouTube.

Dead rappers leave family members, children, ¬†friends and countless other people to mourn them when they are killed. Flex should have just thought about Tupac’s mom for a moment.

Both Bigge & Pac are looking down right now on Funk Flex with shame.

Flex is probably eating his words now. He knows the Outlawz aint rappers; they are real thugs who will take it there. The interview in the video speaks for itself. Flex has been warned.

The Outlawz with 2pac back in the days

The Outlawz & Freeway – Kush Dreams

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