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C’mon Son 20

November 19, 2010 1 comment

DMX Disses Jay-Z And The Rap Industry

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British Kid Reviews Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – Rant

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This Is What Happens When You Play Bad Video Games.

Call Of Duty sucks. Halo for life.

Shyne’s Lupe Fiasco Def Jammed By Nas – Part 1 of 3

November 3, 2010 2 comments
We have all heard the open letters, protests, and rants in the last couple of months by rap artists. Artists & fans of hip-hop are not happy with the industry and the music it has been producing for the past few years. Pent-up frustration is now being released with the realization that there won’t be many quality rap songs when everyone releases their album next month.

Sales are down, hip hop in general is down, and 3 rappers had the balls to say something about it. Each artist different with a different opinion. We start off with Shyne.

Shyne gets it wrong

Links to what Shyne said

Shyne want to leave Def Jam for Cash Money

Shyne’s open letter to Def Jam where he talks about L.A Reid

If you haven’t read them already, you will need to click on the links and read what Shyne has said to understand what I’m going to say.

Shyne knows L.A Reid is all about commercial music but all of a sudden he has a problem with it? Def Jam is a business, how else are they going to justify paying an old rapper like him seven figures??

Maybe Shyne just isn’t talented enough to make a hardcore rap track sound commercial. It’s all about working around the natural conflict that arises between artist and label. He did it before. Remember Bad Boys w/ Barrington Levy!

Then he says he wants Cash Money Records to release his music. Sh*t don’t even make sense. I find it hard to believe Shyne could release any music through Cash Money after signing a 7 figure deal with Def Jam in February. He wouldn’t be complaining about Def Jam if it were that easy…he would just do it.

Shyne is an intelligent man and attempts to sound so in the open letter..but he fails. He gets it wrong by comparing Kanye West to Van Gogh. Kanye is one of the biggest reasons L.A Reid doesn’t like Shyne’s music. Reid can see how much commercial success Kanye is getting with his techno sounding autotuned version of hip-hop. Kanye signifies the end of the real rapping days and here Shyne is praising him.

Furthermore, Jay-z paid $5 million to get out of his deal with Def Jam and they still make money off of him through Roc-A-Fella records. $5 million is unheard of when someone is buying themselves out…Def Jam got over.

Yea…Def Jam may be wasting talent but we will get to that later.

Cmon Son 19

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Little Jamaican Girl Rants

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Deion Sanders Upset About Being Ranked 34th On Top 100 NFL Players List

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