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DMX’s Wife Tameka Simmons Talks About Their Relationship & His Arrest (Claims He Was Set Up)

December 23, 2010 3 comments

He was set up for sure. But that’s his problem. He shouldn’t have drank and it is his responsibility.

I hope DMX gets help…he’s one of the best rappers ever.


Grandma Reads 50 Cent’s Tweets

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Merry Christmas!!

Bill Maher Calls Out Oprah Winfrey & Americans On Our Greed

December 22, 2010 Leave a comment

Bill Maher says Americans worship money and material things over religion.

An example is how Oprah’s stiudio audience goes crazy when she reveals the gifts she has for them.

Does Bill Maher have a point? Is Christmas, the holidays, or just plain everything about money in the end??

I tend to think so. But I hope not.

2pac – To Live And Die In L.A

December 21, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s nostalgic.

Brett Favre’s 297 Consecutive Starts Streak Ends

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

ESPN – No more, Brett.

After 297 consecutive starts over 19 seasons, one of the greatest individual streaks in all of sports, Brett Favre ran into an injury he couldn’t beat and sat down.

Will Brett Favre finally this year?

The 41-year-old Vikings quarterback who fought through broken bones, aches, pains and personal grief to play week after week, couldn’t make it for the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. Favre was sidelined by a throwing shoulder too damaged for even him to overcome. Continue Reading…

Brett Favre did not start today for the Minnesota Vikings today, ending his streak of 297 consecutive games started.

The Hall of Fame quarterback couldn’t overcome his latest injury to the shoulder of his throwing arm.

Tavaris Jackson started in place of the legend and scored a measly 3 points in a loss to the New York Giants

This is the first time Brett Favre hasn’t started since September of 1992 in the fourth game of the season.

This is probably the last we have seen of Brett Favre and I’m happy about it.

I’m happy that I don’t have to see the old man limp on the field anymore and I’m happy that he wont have a chance to throw another devastating interception in the playoffs.

But I think this is best for his family who have been through enough for the past 3 years.

The Jenn Sterger sexting scandal appears to be too much for football’s hero to overcome.

Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To A Felony Gun Possession Charge In A Manhattan Court

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

MTV – Ja Rule reached a plea deal with prosecutors in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday (December 13) that will see the rapper serve two years in prison. The charges stem from a gun bust in July 2007, when both Ja and Lil Wayne were arrested separately following a concert performance.

The Murder Inc. star pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony in the second degree.

“Minor setback for a major comeback,” Ja tweeted after reaching the deal. Continue Reading…

Ja Rule pleaded guilty to a felony gun possession charge in a Manhattan court today.

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne are victims of a systematic war against rap.

He was arrested on Jul. 22, 2007. The same day Lil Wayne was arrested in New York City on a separate felony gun charge after performing at the Beacon Theatre.

Ja Rule was promised 2 years in prison by the judge for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony in the second degree.

Ja Rule claims its a “minor setback” but this is major.

The police are targeting rappers no matter what their status is.

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne on the same day, in the same city, and on the same charges!

This is no coincidence, the Hip Hop task force is operating at full strength now and getting the results they want.

Someone needs to stand up for rappers, who are being greatly discriminated against by the police.

Katt Williams Ordered To Pay $577,929 Dollars In A Dog Attack Case Involving His German Shepherd

December 12, 2010 Leave a comment

Katt Williams with his German Shepherd, the 'attack' dog in this case.

TMZ – Comedian Katt Williams has been ordered to fork over $577,929 to an Atlanta record producer — after Katt allegedly sicked his attack dog on the other man’s pet canine … nearly killing the animal.

The producer, Merion Joseph Powers, had sued Katt in Atlanta — claiming the comic racked up a $28k bill in his studio, but refused to pay the debt … and when he pressed Williams for the dough, Katt paid him a visit with his attack dog in tow. Continue reading…

Katt Williams, or Micah Williams, has been ordered to pay an Atlanta record producer $577,929 dollars.

Merion Joseph Powers sued Katt Williams after the comedian refused to pay a $28,000 studio bill and intimidated the producer with his German Shepherd.

The producer’s dog as attacked and had “substantial and life-threatening injuries” after Katt gave his  “attack” dog a verbal signal.

Why was Katt Williams even in a recording studio in the first place? And what the hell was he recording to get a $28,000 bill??

And why was the record producer’s dog at the studio when Katt came with his German Shepherd??

I’m guessing a scheduled dog fight over the debt.

Powers sued Katt Williams because he is a sore loser. A loss should be a loss…but now Katt has to pay over $500,000 dollars because his dog won a fight.

Only in America…only in America.

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