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Lil Kim Impersonates & Disses Nicki Minaj On Hot 97

December 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Lil Kim is not going to give up on Nicki Minaj. Somebody will probably have to intervene for this beef to end.


Rapper G. Dep Admits To A Murder That Occured 17 Years Ago

December 18, 2010 6 comments

NY Post – It took nearly two decades, but the guilt of murder finally became too much for Trevell Coleman.

Wednesday night, after years of living with the burden, Coleman, 36, walked into the 25th Precinct and shockingly confessed to the very cold case, the sources said.

The career criminal — once signed to superstar rap mogul Shawn “Diddy” Combs’ record label — was just 18 when he fatally shot a Queens man outside an East Harlem housing project in 1993, police sources said.

“I shot and killed someone 17 years ago,” Coleman told a cop in the station house. Continue Reading…

Rapper G. Dep has admitted to a murder…that happened 17 years ago.

G. Dep should probably be treated for an illness.

The Harlem rapper admitted to trying to riding his bike on Park Ave. & East 114th street before trying to rob John Henkel.

G. Dep says he pulled away and shot the man 3 times in the chest after the man tried to resist the robbery.

No…the murder was not being investigated. No…G. Dep was not being investigated. And no…this is not going to help G. Dep in any way.

My only guess is that he smoked some crazy sh*t or was on a drug binge.

I mean…why not just confess to a priest if you feel that bad about it?

Now he’s probably going to jail for the rest of his life.

G. Dep wins my award for stupid man of the year.

Ja Rule Pleads Guilty To A Felony Gun Possession Charge In A Manhattan Court

December 13, 2010 Leave a comment

MTV – Ja Rule reached a plea deal with prosecutors in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday (December 13) that will see the rapper serve two years in prison. The charges stem from a gun bust in July 2007, when both Ja and Lil Wayne were arrested separately following a concert performance.

The Murder Inc. star pleaded guilty to attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony in the second degree.

“Minor setback for a major comeback,” Ja tweeted after reaching the deal. Continue Reading…

Ja Rule pleaded guilty to a felony gun possession charge in a Manhattan court today.

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne are victims of a systematic war against rap.

He was arrested on Jul. 22, 2007. The same day Lil Wayne was arrested in New York City on a separate felony gun charge after performing at the Beacon Theatre.

Ja Rule was promised 2 years in prison by the judge for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a class D felony in the second degree.

Ja Rule claims its a “minor setback” but this is major.

The police are targeting rappers no matter what their status is.

Ja Rule & Lil Wayne on the same day, in the same city, and on the same charges!

This is no coincidence, the Hip Hop task force is operating at full strength now and getting the results they want.

Someone needs to stand up for rappers, who are being greatly discriminated against by the police.

Diddy Chilling In The Streets Of New York City On Broadway

December 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Diddy looks hyped in this video. He must have put alot of work into that Last Train To Paris album.

That is what I love about New York City, you can walk up to any random person and talk whatever you want.

You might even run into Diddy!

ALBe Back feat. Maino – I Be Gettin

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Derek Jeter Signs A $50 Million Dollar Contract To Stay With The New York Yankees

December 4, 2010 2 comments

Yahoo Sports – On the very day the Boston Red Sox reached across the country to get the player they’ve always wanted, the New York Yankees reached across their clubhouse and got the player who, by some appearances, had been shoved down their throats.

Derek Jeter  is a Yankee again, and history will show he never really wasn’t. And maybe it’s best to remember it that way, as one long and seamless and elegant path, right up until the time someone has to tell Jeter he can’t play shortstop anymore. What’s a little “messy” among friends? Continue Reading…

The public squabble over Jeter’s contract negotiations with the Evil Empire can finally be over. Derek Jeter has signed a $50 million dollar contract to play 3 more years with the New York Yankees.

Derek Jeter is the quintessential athlete.

Jeter was rumored to be asking for $22-24 million dollars over 5-6 years. Maybe that was too many years.

But he has been their most consistent player for the past decade even if last season was his worst.

$17 million for 3 years and an optional fourth year for less money isn’t too bad.

The 4th year option gives Jeter a chance to add an extra season to his Hall of Fame legacy without having to worry about negotiating another contract.

The Yankees should have worked this out before Derek Jeter’s contract was finished because they are nothing without him.

They would be just another team in today’s the MLB’s culture of steroids.

Derek Jeter has never been suspected of taking steroids and he is the heart and soul of the best team in baseball.

Everybody knows the Yankees made the right decision here.

Iraqi-born NYU Professor Installs Camera In The Back Of His Head

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment

DailyMail – A New York University professor has had a camera implanted in the back of his head – and it was done all in the name of art.

Wafaa Bilal has what it takes to make change even if he is crazy. Just look at the mirror!!

Iraqi-born Wafaa Bilal had the procedure done at a piercing studio last month for a project commissioned by a museum in Qatar.

The camera will broadcast everything he ‘sees’ to the public and will be transmitted to Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in time for their December 30 opening. Continue Reading

New York University professor Wafaa Bilal has surgically installed a camera to the back of his head.

The Iraqi-born photographer’s camera, that is located in the back of his head, will take snap-shots every minute.

The camera will be streamed to the Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in the Arab Country Qatar.

It seems as though Bilal wants to give people in the Arab world a look into life in the United States.

He is crazy and a genius at the same time. A camera in the back of your head is crazy but maybe it will help Arabs be more sympathetic and caring for Americans and American life.

Because lord knows it ain’t that easy living in America.

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