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Nas feat. Lauryn Hill – If I Ruled The World

December 20, 2010 1 comment

Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Nas – One Mic

December 15, 2010 1 comment

One of Nas’ best tracks ever in my opinion.

Kelis – Brave

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Nas Makes A Cameo On Hawaii 5-0

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

Large Professor Speaks About Jay-Z And Nas

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment

That was an overall real interview. They don’t come around that much.

Jay-Z & Irv Gotti were running the rap game for a good part of the rap game and you can see why.

Large Professor is a legend. Nice reference on the best rapper in the game, Nas.

Yea I said it. The best rapper in the game.




Shyne’s Lupe Fiasco Def Jammed By Nas – Part 3 Of 3

November 6, 2010 2 comments

Part 1 – Shyne

Part 2 – Lupe Fiasco

We have all heard the open letters, protests, and rants in the last couple of months by rap artists. Artists & fans of hip-hop are not happy with the industry and the music it has been producing for the past few years. Pent-up frustration is now being released with the realization that there won’t be many quality rap songs when everyone releases their album next month.

Sales are down, hip hop in general is down, and 3 rappers had the balls to say something about it. Each artist different with a different opinion. We end with the my all-time favorite rapper Nas.

Nas got Def Jammed

Link to what Nas said

Nas’ Open Letter To Def Jam

If you haven’t read them already, you will need to click on the links and read what Lupe Fiasco has said to understand what I’m going to say. The videos are included below.

I didn’t want to believe it when I first heard it. “Nas blasts Def Jam in an open letter” What?? No way. Not my ni*ga NAS. He’s too much OG to get caught up in that bullsh*t.

After much resistance and doubt…I attempted to read the e-mail. I thought ‘maybe it’s an internet rumor’…’somebody hating on my favorite rapper’…’a distasteful prank’. I was wrong.

This was the real deal. An actual e-mail…Nas even called out the executives of the Island Def Jam Group by their names. But the worst had not yet happened.

There it was…in the first sentence…”Nas is NOBODY’s slave”. Stopped reading.

Now im here trying to put all this record label beef together. So against my will…I read it…in it’s entirety.

To be fair, Nas is an ‘artist’, he does have a creativity pass to speak on slaves or whatever he wants. But this isn’t the medium or place for it.

Slaves were literally and physically ‘unfree’ people. He’s got it real good compared to them. Nas shouldn’t reference slaves when this is between him and Def Jam.

Slaves couldn’t even sign contracts. Let alone bitch about them.

And the Def Jam executives are stars. How else were they able to make so many hits?? How could they sign Big Boi, Fabolous, Ghostface Killah, Juelz Santana, Kanye West, LL cool J, Ludacris, Method Man, The Roots, Redman, Rihanna, Shyne, Young Jeezy and….you!

All at the same time.

“Beefing with record labels is so 15 years ago”?? You didn’t have to make the e-mail public.

Granted, The Lost Tapes is a classic, and probably the greatest collection of rap songs ever. But I want to hear some new sh*t. I heard most of the songs on the Lost Tapes way before it came out. The only new ones to me were Fetus, My Way, and Doo Rags.

You are one of only 3 rappers I buy albums from. The others are Game and the aforementioned Lupe Fiasco. I deserve more than 3 tracks when pay cash for an album.

I can see where Def Jam is coming from. Distant Relatives was good but it’s a reggae collaboration and Def Jam makes hip hop or pop music. 

You got one more album and they aint gonna let you go that easy. (Unconfirmed – Hip Hop Is Dead, Untitled, Distant Relatives…4 total?)

If you really wanted to drop an album in the 4th quarter. Take the $200,000, produce The Lost Tapes 2, and keep the profits.

You know this open letter only confuses and distracts the people from the truth.

Keep it real like you always do. Especially in this track. And that goes for Shyne & Lupe Fiasco too.

Part 1 – Shyne

Part 2 – Lupe Fiasco

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