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Native Americans & Black Farmers Compensated With $4.2 Billion Dollars By The U.S Congress For Discrimination

December 1, 2010 2 comments

CBS News – The House on Tuesday passed landmark legislation to pay for some $4.6 billion in settlements with American Indians and black farmers who say they faced discrimination and mistreatment from the government.

Steve King is a racist bigot simple and plain.

Lawmakers voted 256-152 to send the measure to President Barack Obama, whose administration brokered the settlements over the past year. Continue Reading…

Congress has passed a bill to settle discrimination and mistreatment cases filed against them on behalf of Native Americans and Black Farmers.

The Black Farmers were given $1.2 billion dollars from a lawsuit that was settled 11 years ago in 1999.

Native Americans were given $3.4 billion dollars for Indian water-rights violations and royalties owed to them.

Iowa Republican Steve King expressed resentment towards the legislation. He compared the settlements to ‘slavery reparations.

Steve King’s exact words were “We are not gonna pay slavery reparations in the United States Congress…That war’s been fought. That was over a century ago. That debt was paid for in blood and it was paid for in the blood of a lot of Yankees, especially. And there’s no reparations for the blood that paid for the sin of slavery.”

The worst thing about King’s statement is that this bill has absolutely nothing to do with slavery. African-Americans everywhere are still waiting for the 4o acres that was promised to them. The government can keep the mules!!

Even though the bill passed with a good margin, hatred is still very much alive in our Congress and government.



Tyra Banks Sued By 15-Year Old “Sex Addict” Guest’s Mother

October 16, 2010 9 comments

Bossip – SMH… Tyra Banks has fu*ked up in a major way by booking a teenage guest to appear on her show without gaining the parental permission first!

Tyra Banks in her finest form

Supermodel-turned-TV personality Tyra Banks has been named in a $3 million lawsuit filed against the producers of her talk show after a teenage “sex addict” appeared on the program without her mother’s consent. Continue Reading…

Tyra Banks is involved in a $3 million lawsuit against her TV show’s producers. Beverly Mclendon claims her daughter appeared on a show promoting her as a “15-Year Old Sex Addict” without her consent.

The Tyra Banks Show is an edgy talk show with a focus on unbecoming female behavior and an occasional focus on unbecoming ‘black’ female behavior. 

The Tyra Show does an excellent job at exposing the real intentions behind immature & foolish female behavior. Women and people in general don’t like that.

I don’t even really like Tyra Banks but I like her show and I hope this lawsuit doesn’t influence the authenticity of it.

She should expect these type of things.

Busta Rhymes Is Being Sued For $250,000

September 17, 2010 1 comment

Busta Rhymes Sued

 SOHH – Hip-hop veteran Busta Rhymes has reportedly been issued a $250,000 lawsuit by a woman claiming he assaulted her in a Beverly Hills restaurant earlier this summer. . Continue Reading…

Busta Rhymes is being sued by a woman named Devin Cooper because he threw a drinking glass at her…and missed!!

The woman wants $250,000 because she was “shocked and afraid of her safety.”

Busta Rhymes is lucky he didn’t hit the woman because there’s no telling how much money Ms. Cooper would be sueing him for. I say probably $1 or $2 million dollars depending on the severity of her “injuries.”

Memo to Ms. Cooper: You don’t get shit bitch!!!

Here’s a friday toast to bad aim and avoiding fortune hunters!!!

Michael Jackson’s Family Sueing Everyone & Anyone They Can

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Businessweek – A lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson’s mother once again places the spotlight on the pop star’s final days as it focuses not just on the doctor charged in his death but also on the concert promoter that was supposed to pay the physician.

Katherine Jackson sued AEG Live LLC in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, claiming the promoter of a her son’s planned series of comeback concerts failed to provide key lifesaving equipment and adequately monitor the cardiologist hired to care for her son. Continue Reading…

TMZ – Dr. Conrad Murray is going after Michael Jackson‘s longtime physician and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming Klein is at least partly to blame for the singer’s death and should be a defendant in Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit. Continue Reading…

Michael Jackson Looking Cool


Joe Jackson points the finger at Dr. Conrad Murray, Katherine Jackson points the finger at AEG Live and Dr. Conrad Murray points the finger at Dr. Arnold Klein as well as 7 other doctors.

Yes, you read that right, 10 people are being blamed for the late great singer’s death.

If Michael Jackson’s own family can’t agree on who to blame for his death…what COULD they ever agree on?? The Jackson household must have felt like WWIII for Michael Jackson who had it worst than his brothers and sisters.

In all reality, Michael Jackson’s overbearing father, erratic mother and useless brothers all drove him to a gradual suicide.

Michael Jackson would hate to see his fans, whom he loved to death, pay attention to any of the garbage his family spits out.

Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Video – R.I.P

Racist Arizona Sheriff Sued By The Feds

September 4, 2010 Leave a comment
Yahoo – The Justice Department sued the nation’s self-proclaimed “toughest sheriff” on Thursday, calling Joe Arpaio’s defiance of an investigation into his office’s alleged discrimination against Hispanics “unprecedented.” Continue Reading…

Joe Arpaio


Im surprised he’s only getting sued. This guy’s got the biggest balls in the country, the “toughest sheriff” actually told the F.B.I, a Justice Department agency, their demands were too broad.

The Arizona Sheriff is being investigated for discriminative practices against hispanics and refuses to cooperate with the highest level of the United States Law. 

Joe Arpaio is behaving like a criminal here and should be treated as such.

P. Diddy Being Sued

September 3, 2010 Leave a comment

P. Diddy is being sued by a former employee for age discrimination. The employee, Francesca Spero, worked for Diddy for over 12 years befoe she was fired in March.

Ms. Spero told another employee she was treated for drug dependency after she had hip surgery.  The lawsuit indicates that her disability was the reason, but her attorney claims “Francesca Spero opened the door for Combs’ career and, now that she’s 51, he showed her the door at Bad Boy.”

The attorneys can’t seem to make up their mind on whether she was fired for her disability or her age.

How does this women think she even has a legitimate claim? Either way, shes wrong. I would fire her too if she was addicted to drugs.

On top of that, her ass is too old to be working in the hip-hop industry anyways. Bitch might mistake Lil Wayne for Tupac. And P.Diddy can’t have too many old people in his organization when he’s pushing 42.

With the stars

Lebron James Father & Power Dunks & Paternity Tests

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Lebron James and his mother Gloria James are being sued by Leicester Bryce Stovell who claims to be Lebron’s father. Lebron’s attorneys have asked the $4 million lawsuit to be dismissed based on “rank speculation.”

 Lebron’s attorneys claim “… a man who claims that as a twenty-nine year old lawyer he got a 15-year old girl pregnant during a one-night stand and who never contributed a penny in child support would earn millions in commercial endorsements by crawling out of the wood-work after the child he never gave a thought to became an NBA star.”

You cant tell me they dont look alike

Lebron’s attorney, Fred Nance says “A celebrity of LeBron’s stature gets many money grubbing claims all the time and this is no different.” But there are some differences between money grubbers and this guy.

Leicester is a lawyer and Princeton Graduate who has served as a Senior Legal Advisor for the U.S Securities & Exchange Commission. The man is educated and will not go away easily, he is even representing himself.

Leicester claims that Lebron and his mom conspired to switched the DNA in the paternity test that was taken years go so that it would comeback negative. I am disappointed in both sides of this case.

Lebron owes a little something to the sperm donor, maybe some Miami Heat Season tickets, thanksgiving dinner, or at least some christmas pictures. And Liecester has the nerve to wait until Lebron is the greatest athlete on earth to determine paternity.

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