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Uncle Whips Nephew For Acting Like A Thug On Facebook

January 6, 2011 1 comment

This is for all you YouTube and Facebook thugs out there.

If you don’t want this to happen to you…

Keep it real!!


Man In Prison For The Murder Of An Oklahoma Sheriff Posts Pictures Of Himself On Facebook

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Justin Walker is serving 30 years for the murder of Dwight Woodrell Jr., an Oklahoma Sheriff.

Justin Walker smoking a jail!!

He has pictures of himself on Facebook with a bottle of Tequila, a big bag of low-grade weed, smoking a joint, holding a shank and engaging in other felonious activities.

Walker even had a Blackberry cell phone in the medium-security prison that was found with some marijuana when correctional officers raided his cell.

He has been moved to a maximum security prison and his Facebook account had been deactivated.

All I have to say is don’t hate the player, hate the game.

There are thousands of prisoners getting away with all types of things in jail. Hookers, hard drugs, arranged murders, and more.

This is nothing to the the inmates who have real power in jail.

But Justin Walker was doing it big in jail, I doubt the average prisoner lives like that.

It’s a shame, we as taxpayers pay for Justin Walker’s rehabilitation. And when he comes out of prison worse than when he went in, victims pay for it.

Wiz Khalifa Arrested In North Carolina On Marijuana Charges

November 9, 2010 8 comments

AllHipHop – Pittsburgh, PA rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greenville, North Carolina for unknown reasons, it’s being reported.

While details are sketchy, early reports state that Wiz Khalifa was at a show at East Carolina University when police reportedly stopped his show 45 minutes into his set. Continue Reading…

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was arrested in Greensville, North Carolina while attempting to board his tour bus. He was performing at East Carolina University when his show abruptly ended 45 minutes into his set.

Wiz Khalifa burning it down

Wiz Khalifa, born Cameron Jibril Thomaz, was making it back to his tour bus before being arrested on what are rumored to be marijuana charges.

These rumors are quite believable considering he admitted to smoking $10,000 worth of weed a month.

His last tweet today was “smoke outs in greenville nc tonite. fall thru wit ur finest plant life”…lol…and there are way more tweets he has sent out about blatantly smoking and having weed.

It seems like a rapper may have snitched on themselves once again.

Does he know marijuana aint legal yet? It probably isn’t even decriminalized in North Carolina. Smokers gotta keep it on the low for a while now that Prop 19 got voted down in California.

The police are using sites like Facebook and Twitter to catch criminals. The police target rappers and you are making it way too easy for them.

So much for flying under the radar..they watching you now.

Please do hip-hop and potheads a favor by avoiding jail time for this arrest.

Update: Wiz Khalifa has posted $300,000 bail for a felony marijuana trafficking charge and a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

Wiz Khalifa advertises his rolling papers with real weed!!

Jimmy Kimmel Calls For “National Unfriend Day” – Facebook Protest

November 7, 2010 1 comment

CBS News – Mark Zuckerberg survived Aaron Sorkin, but now he’s up against late night TV host Jimmy Kimmel, a comedian with a message that Facebook’s CEO can’t like very much. Continue Reading…

Jimmy Kimmel has asked his viewers to celebrate “National Unfriend Day” on november 17, 2010. A celebration where Facebook users reduce the amount of friends they have.

The comedian said “Friendship is a sacred thing and I believe Facebook is cheapening it.” Mark Zuckerberg would disagree.

Kimmel also said  “I go on this Facebook, I see people with thousands of what they call ‘friends’ – which is impossible. You can’t have 1,000 friends.”

Jimmy Kimmel smokes weed

I wouldn’t give up my Facebook account but I have to agree with Jimmy Kimmel here. There are some people out there that suffer from Facebook overload.

A woman in Florida killed her 3-month old son because his crying interrupted her Facebook game Farmville. That’s crazy.

Facebook has become a dangerous addiction for many of its users. I view this as an extension of Jon Stewart’s & Stephen Colbert’s Rally To Restore Insanity.

Facebook is not real life. But many people, particularly women, view it as real life and live and die by their reputation on the social network.

The only problem with “National Unfriend Day” is that there is no rally. Can you Imagine a “National Unfriend Day” at the National Mall??

It would turn out thousands of people ready to show love. People who want to be with and meet real friends.

Simply picking a day to ‘unfriend’ people is a half-ass approach to the problem. Hey Jimmy….when are we gonna rally??

Jimmy Kimmel announces “National Unfriend Day.”

Kat Stacks Arrested In Tennesee For Immigration

November 6, 2010 Leave a comment

SOHH – Celebrity groupie Kat Stacks has informed her Twitter followers that she has been arrested in Nashville, Tennessee. While details are still developing, Stacks gave her described of what allegedly took place.

“Dear nashville your wing stores suck (Knockout Chicken) & yall promoters BROKE.,” she tweeted Friday (November 5). Continue Reading

Internet personality Kat Stacks was arrested friday Nov. 5, 2010, on charges of immigration after police saw her foreign passport.  

Born as Andrea Herrera, she was born on Nov. 2, 1989 in Venezuela.

Yea I know what your thinking…I didn’t know this jumpoff was hispanic either, let alone a full-blown illegal immigrant. And it’s hard to believe she just turned 21 years old.

I also can’t believe she got arrested for immigration…it’s nearly impossible to get arrested on immigration charges.

Kat Stacks arrested on immigration charges

Memo to Kat Stacks: The first mistake was being anywhere near “Hicksville Tennessee” where they ‘don’t like dem goddamn illegals’…if you know what I mean.

And you can’t be all over the internet provoking rappers and anybody else you can.

If you are living illegally in the United States, you must keep a low profile.

That means no Twitter, no Facebook, and try to keep your name out of the news.

Call yourself lucky if they let you back in the country after they deport your ass.

Did Raekwon Use Inspectah Deck For Media Hype?

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Raekwon is a clever character

Inspectah Deck is not dead. In a 2010 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher on Oct. 12, 2010 Raekwon said “R.I.P to my brother from the Wu, Inspectah Deck, his whole earth, his mother, miss jason hunter, mrs. hunter we love you r.i.p, this the cypher right here, we love you, peace.”

This statement, undeniably, led viewers to believe Inspectah Deck, of the Wu-Tang Clan, was dead. People have now learned and realized that Raekwon was referencing Inspectah Deck’s late mother “mrs. hunter.” 


Did Raekwon use Inspectah Deck for the Hype?

Raekwon has recently switched up his image or ‘style’ to keep up with the new era of hip hop & technology. He promotes his Facebook & Twitter pages and updates them often. He even did the unthinkable and made a track with Justin Bieber. Needless to say, Raekwon is on and uses the internet.

Nobody was freestyling in that cypher, so Raekwon knew and possibly rehearsed his part before the show.

So why would Raekwon even give a shout out to Inspectah Deck’s mother like that…On tv?…In a fake cypher??…at the BET Hip Hop awards??? That aint how you pay respect to yur boy’s mother after she passes away, even if you in the Wu-Tang.

Only the Chef could take something so simple and word it in a way that would give people a first impression that Inspectah Deck was dead. Then the Chef could benefit from increased media attention on the internet. All while not taking any blame because he did make it clear that he meant Inspectah Deck’s mother, even though you have to listen to it closely to realize that.

See it for yourself at 2:57. Is Raekwon stunting or what?

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Of Facebook, Is Giving $100 Million Dollars To The Newark Public School System

September 22, 2010 2 comments

Mark Zuckerberg With The ladies

NYMAG – In a bit of positive press for the Facebook CEO – who could certainly use it right about now! – Zuckerberg has agreed to donate $100 million to improve Newark’s public school system. As part of the arrangement, Gov. Chris Christie will be giving up some control of the long-troubled state-run operation to Mayor Cory Booker (the state took control of the city’s floundering school system in 1995). The donation will be officially announced Friday in the splashiest of ways: on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Continue Reading…

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg is showing me he is a smart businessman who wants to keep an eye out for minorities.

Is this a public relations play in light of the unauthorized movie “The Social Network”?? Maybe.

Is this part of a larger plan to do business in Newark or build a Facebook headquarters there?? Maybe.

Will this donation help out the under represented minorities of Newark get a better education and add jobs to the city? Absolutely.

I can’t believe Mark Zuckerberg picked Newark. He was born in White Plains, NY and grew up in Westchester County. He also attended the prestigious Harvard University located in Cambridge, MA. But instead of choosing any of those affluent and urban areas he chose to donate to the ghetto that is Newark, NJ.

The demographic makeup of the urban city is 53% black, 29% hispanic or latino and 26% white. Mark Zuckerberg is Jewish. Needless to say, Newark is not his type of place. But Newark is an up and coming big city that could use $100 million dollars to help the youth.

This is a real donation from a guy who could have easily donated elsewhere to a less risky and more affluent city like the ones he’s used to.

You gotta love it.

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