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Racist Group Calls For The Boycott Of Marvel Comics Film “Thor” Over Black Actor Idris Elba’s Role As A Norse God

December 17, 2010 1 comment

Guardian – A US white supremacist group has called for a boycott of the Kenneth Branagh-directed superhero movie Thor on the grounds that a black actor has been cast in the role of a Norse god.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is upset that London-born Idris Elba , star of The Wire and BBC detective series Luther as well as a number of Hollywood films, is to play deity Heimdall in the Marvel Studios feature. The group, which opposes inter-racial marriage and gay rights, has set up a website, to set out its opposition to what it sees as an example of leftwing social engineering. Continue Reading…

The White Supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens have set-up a website calling for the boycott of the upcoming Marvel film Thor. The racist group has a problem with Idris Elba, who is black, playing the “white god” role of a Norse god in the film.

Idris Elba is paving the way for other black actors

The website,, says it wants to keep social engineering out of European mythology. And thats the problem here.

The movie is based on mythology. Norse mythology. It is completely fake so Marvel should be able to cast whoever they want.

This isn’t as bad as movies depicting people who are real. Which happens all the time with white actors playing people of color.

Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra, Mickey Rourke playing Genghis Khan, or even Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi.

These are all historical and powerful people of color. And these films minimize the importance of their skin color by casting white actors in their roles.

Thor is a comic book and Norse gods are a part of Norse mythology…its all fake.

These racists should choose more important battles than this.


Illinois State Senator James Meeks Says White Women & Well-Represented Minorities Shouldn’t Get Affirmative Action

December 16, 2010 1 comment

HuffingtonPost – State Senator James Meeks, a reverend at a South Side church and a candidate for mayor of Chicago, was trying to talk about his education policy yesterday.

Instead, during a forum on WVON radio, he wound up making another round of controversial comments about race. (Scroll down to watch.) Continue Reading…

Illinois senator James Meeks thinks that the word ‘minority’ should mean African-American. The African-American South Side Reverend doesn’t think women, Asians, or Hispanics are discriminated enough to receive affirmative-action.

The candidate for Mayor of Chicago believes well-represented minorities take away opportunities for African-Americans saying “Thats why our numbers cannot improve.”

Meeks specifically said “Women, Asians, and Hispanics, who are not people of color.” The “who are not people of color” part is very important here.

Meeks is differentiating minorities based on color instead of gender or race.

James Meeks is in trouble for saying whats on his mind

Minorities who don’t pass as white or blend in with whites are  ‘under-represented minorities.’

Meeks wants affirmative-action to work for ‘under-represented minorities’ who obviously need it more.

He later retracted his statements to mean only “white women” but that’s not believable.

There are many Hispanics who can pass as white or American. Some examples are many Cubans, Mexicans, and Venezuelans.

But there are many Hispanics who are just as black as African-Americans and Meeks believes that they deserve affirmative-action.

There are many Asian who don’t pass as white but can blend in with whites such as the Japanese and Chinese. But there are many Asians who are dark-skinned such as Cambodians, Vietnamese, or even Filipinos.

James Meeks probably shouldn’t have said this publicly on the radio because radio interviews can easily be taken out of context. But doesn’t he have a point here?

The whole interview can be seen here.

James Meeks Radio Interview

Wesley Snipes Explains Why He Should Not Go To Jail On Larry King Live

December 8, 2010 1 comment

Part 2

Wesley Snipes is expected to report to prison on Thursday, Dec. 9, 2010. He was found guilty of not paying taxes. The IRS claims he owes them over a $1 million dollars.

This happens all of the time. Celebrities and rich people are always trying to avoid taxes.

Usually they are hit with fines and forced to pay the money back through asset seizures or paycheck attachments.  It is not smart for the IRS to imprison people who owe them money because then they can never get their money back!!

Wesley Snipes can easily do a few movies and make the money that he owes them, but they are not giving him a chance.

Is this because he is black?

Wesley Snipes as a gangster in Brooklyn's Finest

Former Colorado University Football Coach Says Jon Embree Got The Head Coaching Job Over Him Because Jon Is Black

December 3, 2010 4 comments

DenverPost – Jon Embree has verbally accepted Colorado’s offer to become its next head football coach, according to Bill McCartney, the legendary ex-Buffs’ coach. Embree will hire former Buffs’ great Eric Bieniemy as his offensive coordinator, McCartney said.

“Embree’s going to be the head coach and Bieniemy’s going to be the offensive coordinator,” McCartney told The Denver Post today. “Take it to the bank and hang your hat on it.” Continue Reading…

Jon Embree will be the University of Colorado's head football coach.

Former Colorado Buffaloes head coach Bill McCartney was one of 3 candidates for the vacant head coaching position for the University of Colorado’s football team.

Washington Redskins tight end coach Jon Embree, an African-American, is the candidate who got the job.

And Bill McCartney had alot to say about it.

He said “It was never about me doing it again…It was about setting the table for a black man to come in (as head coach). And he (athletic director Mike Bohn) hired one. Now, give him a chance…he’s (Mike Bohn again) hiring outstanding black leaders.”

I understand Bill is trying to be supportive of blacks progressing in the football coaching industry. Blacks make up most of the players but there aren’t many black head coaches in football.

But his choice of words make him sound like a  racist and a typical bigot. After he realized he wasn’t going to be the head coach, Bill put the focus on the skin color of Jon Embree.

He could have talked about how good of a coach he will be or how much  of a leader he will be to the Colorado players. And maybe he did.

But even if he did, there is no excuse for him saying “it” was all about Jon Breeme being black. Jon Breeme will be hearing enough about how he is one of the first blacks to coach a well-respected college football team.

Is Bill McCartney an undercover racist?

Is Bill McCartney wrong for what he has said about Jon Breeme?

White Thief Wears Black Mask To Carry Out Robberies And Nearly Got Away

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

DailyMail – A white man who pleaded guilty to six robberies in Ohio used a black mask so lifelike that police initially arrested a black man for one of the crimes.

White bank robber uses African-American mask for cover.

The mother of the wrongly accused man even thought a photo of the robbery suspect she saw on television was a photo of her son.

Conrad Zdzierak, 30, pleaded guilty Monday in Hamilton County Ohio to one count of aggravated robbery and five counts of robbery in a plea deal with prosecutors. Continue Reading...

Conrad Zdzierak put an African-American mask on and carried out 4 succesful bank robberies, a credit union robbery and a pharmacy robbery. The thief made off with $15,000.

Thank god Conrad Zdzierak’s girlfriend called the police and snitched on him.

These crimes could have easily been blamed on an innocent african-american man.

For Conrad to use the mask of a black man to commit crimes shows just how deep racism runs.

How many African-Americans do you think have been wrongfully imprisoned because of white robbers either impersonating and African-American or blaming the crime on an African-American?

Or how many have been wrongfully imprisoned because of victims believing their perpetrator was an African-American or simply blaming the crime on an African-American?

African American Navy Pioneer Samuel Gravely Jr. Has A Navy Ship Named After Him

November 29, 2010 1 comment

HamptonRoads Pilot News – When Samuel Gravely Jr. was born in segregated Richmond 88 years ago, he never could have imagined a career as a U.S. naval officer – not to mention becoming the first black officer to command a warship and, eventually, the service’s first black admiral.

Samuel Gravely Jr. doing what he did best. Earning the respect of white people.

Gravely died in 2004, but this month marks yet another first: The first warship named for a black admiral was commissioned over the weekend. On Wednesday, the brand-new destroyer pulled into Norfolk, its new homeport. Continue reading…


Samuel Gravely Jr. is considered a Vice Admiral. He was a pioneer for African-Americans in the Navy.

The brand new $1 Billion dollar Gravely Destroyer has been named after the African-American legend.

The ship’s motto “First to Conquer” is a reference to Samuel Gravely paving the way for blacks in the Navy.

He was the first black to be commissioned as an officer, first black to serve aboard a fighting ship as an officer, first black to command a Navy ship, first black fleet commander, and first black to become a flag officer.

Samuel Gravely Jr. killed it. Any blacks that joined the Navy after Samuel better recognize.

Kanye West On Matt Lauer Show

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Kanye West went on the Today Show to speak about his situation with George Bush.  The interview was nothing more than an aggressive questioning by Matt Lauer to Kanye West

Matt Lauer suggested “While most people expressed frustration, you did take it across the line…you made it a little more sinister that the federal response to Katrina was because of race.” And then he asked Kanye “Do you regret having said that now?”

Check the facts.

Kanye West isn't the bad guy this time

Kanye West said “george bush doesn’t care about black people” during a television fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina.

That is not saying the entire Hurricane Katrina event was because of race. Kanye West could have defended himself with dignity. And he should have.

Matt Lauer’s suggestions were exaggerated. Kanye West was never able to gather himself after Matt Lauer set him up. All he could say was that he was human.

Kanye’s antics are annoying but not wrong here.

George Bush could care less about what Kanye West and there Matt Lauer is showing footage of “the most emotional he (George Bush) got during his 3 1/2 hour interview.”

Kanye’s just another victim of the media’s promotion of George Bush’s new book.

Video of Interview Here



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