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Well-versed – experienced, knowledgeable, articulate, talented (adj.)

Miscreant – immoral, corrupt, criminal, person responsible for wrongdoing (noun)

Hydraheaded – Hydraheaded- having many divisions or facets, creating multiple problems (adj.)

Cordial- sociable, friendly, agreeable, recognizing worth (noun)

Blandishments- overenthusiastic praise, flattery, persuasion, low key sales pitch (noun)

Sojourn- brief travel, visit, excursion, to be a guest of, or delay, wait (noun or verb)

Glib – smooth-talking, talkative, wordy, charming, without depth, hypocritical (adj)

Frivolous – trivial, having no goal, whimisical, ineffective, of little importance, unconvincing (adj)

Faction –  congregation, family, number of individuals collectively, conflict of opinion and breakaway group (noun)

Intoxicate – confuse, captivate, arouse, excite, aggravate or fire (verb)

Brouch – bring up a topic, initiate, announce, journey (verb)

Lambaste – criticize severely, defeat, punish, blame, strike or hit (verb)

Jejune – immature, uninteresting, silly, ineffective, dull, stupid (adj)

Counterintuitive -seemingly opposite to commen sense, not in accordance with would normally occur (adj)

Camaraderie – association, group spirit, sociability (noun)

Messianic – religious, sacred, longing for genius, characteristics of a savior or liberator (adj)

Chimera – dream or fantasy, ghost, an illusion, power to create in one’s own mind (noun)

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