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Racist Group Calls For The Boycott Of Marvel Comics Film “Thor” Over Black Actor Idris Elba’s Role As A Norse God

Guardian – A US white supremacist group has called for a boycott of the Kenneth Branagh-directed superhero movie Thor on the grounds that a black actor has been cast in the role of a Norse god.

The Council of Conservative Citizens is upset that London-born Idris Elba , star of The Wire and BBC detective series Luther as well as a number of Hollywood films, is to play deity Heimdall in the Marvel Studios feature. The group, which opposes inter-racial marriage and gay rights, has set up a website, boycott-thor.com to set out its opposition to what it sees as an example of leftwing social engineering. Continue Reading…

The White Supremacist group Council of Conservative Citizens have set-up a website calling for the boycott of the upcoming Marvel film Thor. The racist group has a problem with Idris Elba, who is black, playing the “white god” role of a Norse god in the film.

Idris Elba is paving the way for other black actors

The website, boycott-thor.com, says it wants to keep social engineering out of European mythology. And thats the problem here.

The movie is based on mythology. Norse mythology. It is completely fake so Marvel should be able to cast whoever they want.

This isn’t as bad as movies depicting people who are real. Which happens all the time with white actors playing people of color.

Angelina Jolie playing Cleopatra, Mickey Rourke playing Genghis Khan, or even Ben Kingsley playing Ghandi.

These are all historical and powerful people of color. And these films minimize the importance of their skin color by casting white actors in their roles.

Thor is a comic book and Norse gods are a part of Norse mythology…its all fake.

These racists should choose more important battles than this.

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