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Derek Jeter Signs A $50 Million Dollar Contract To Stay With The New York Yankees

Yahoo Sports – On the very day the Boston Red Sox reached across the country to get the player they’ve always wanted, the New York Yankees reached across their clubhouse and got the player who, by some appearances, had been shoved down their throats.

Derek Jeter  is a Yankee again, and history will show he never really wasn’t. And maybe it’s best to remember it that way, as one long and seamless and elegant path, right up until the time someone has to tell Jeter he can’t play shortstop anymore. What’s a little “messy” among friends? Continue Reading…

The public squabble over Jeter’s contract negotiations with the Evil Empire can finally be over. Derek Jeter has signed a $50 million dollar contract to play 3 more years with the New York Yankees.

Derek Jeter is the quintessential athlete.

Jeter was rumored to be asking for $22-24 million dollars over 5-6 years. Maybe that was too many years.

But he has been their most consistent player for the past decade even if last season was his worst.

$17 million for 3 years and an optional fourth year for less money isn’t too bad.

The 4th year option gives Jeter a chance to add an extra season to his Hall of Fame legacy without having to worry about negotiating another contract.

The Yankees should have worked this out before Derek Jeter’s contract was finished because they are nothing without him.

They would be just another team in today’s the MLB’s culture of steroids.

Derek Jeter has never been suspected of taking steroids and he is the heart and soul of the best team in baseball.

Everybody knows the Yankees made the right decision here.

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