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Brad Childress Fired – Is This Brett Favre’s Wrongdoing?

FOX Sports – The Brad Childress Era in Minnesota is over. The team relieved the head coach of his duties Monday morning. Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier will take over as the interim head coach. Continue Reading…

Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress was fired today after a 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers Sunday. He will be replaced by Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazer.

Brett Favre should take responsibility here. Yea, Childress took his team to a record of 3-7 and an inadequate team. But all he had to work with was a 41-year-old quarterback with 8 stitches on his chin and one ankle at half strength.

He has even been quoted saying “What in the world am I doing” at the end of the Patriots game where he needed the 8 stitches.

How can Zigi Wilf, the owner of the Minnesota Vikings, expect Brad Childress to win with a quarterback that doesn’t know if he wants to even play??

Brad Childress picking up Brett Favre at the airport. Little did he know.

Randy Moss made that infamous speech because he realized Brett Favre was a shell of himself. Brett Favre, of now, is a far cry from Tom Brady, the current MVP favorite.

Maybe Green Bay was actually smart in cutting ties with the future Hall of Famer.

I don’t know how Brett Favre does it. But he has a way of getting whatever he wants if he cries enough about it.

Brett Favre has completely fallen from grace. He has thrown interceptions to lose playoff games and playoff chances for the last three years including Green Bay.

Brett Favre should just face it here. The season is over. His career is over. There is no point in playing in any more games this season or at all.

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