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Finally: A Police Officer Punished For Killing An Unarmed Black Man

HipHopWired – After nearly 10 months of protests and tension between police and black leaders, one Portland, Oregon police officer has been dismissed and three others are suspended in the fatal shooting of 25-year-old Aaron Campbell. Continue Reading…

A police officer has finally been punished for the murder of an unarmed black man. Ron Frashour of the Oregon Police was fired for disobeying department policy on the use of deadly force.

Aaron Campbell gunned down by a sniper outside of his home

The police sniper shot and killed Aaron Campbell who was 25 years old and unarmed.

Aaron’s hands were up and a random cop shot beanbags at the young black male. Then the dogs. Then the sniper.

Police brutality.

These cases always have one thing in common, the victim is black. It doesn’t matter what race the police officer is.

The same thing happened with Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, Juan Herrera, Amadou Diallo, Malice Green, and many more. The latest is Danroy “DJ” Henry, the Pace University student killed in New York while for suspicious reasons.

Confused people believe racism is not at hand when it’s a black cop that shoots an unarmed black man. They don’t understand that a black cop has to behave in a way to satisfy his fraternity and brotherhood with fellow white police officers. Peer pressure.

Some would say its even worse for black people when that happens.

Aaron was drunk and distraught over his brother’s death. He did endanger his family by pulling out a gun.

But Ron Frashour wasn’t even get charged with a crime!! He should be thankful he was only suspended.

He murdered and unarmed man with a sniper rifle. Excuse me for saying this, but thats like if he was doing target practice.

The law is different for different people. I guess.

Danroy Henry’s family should  take this as victory for them.

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