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Donovan McNabb Signs Contract Extension With The Washington Redskins

SportsIllustrated – Never mind whether Donovan Mcnabb can go for two minutes. The Washington Redskins have decided they’d like to have him around for another five years.

And never mind whether he was worth a pair of draft picks. The Redskins figure he’s worth $40 million in guaranteed money. Continue Reading…

Washington Redskins have signed quarterback Donovan McNabb to a 5-year contract extension worth $78 million. $40 million is guaranteed!!

Washington Redskins have signed McNabb to a $78 million contract extension.

McNabb’s agent, Frederick Smith, must be getting all types of phone calls right now. NFL players, college football players, their parents, and other agents are all wondering how the hell did Smith pull this off?

McNabb was just benched last week! He’s having the worst season since his rookie career!! He’s 34 years old!!! Way past his prime!!!!

Washington Redskins general manager Bruce Allen said “Once the regular season started, we really were aiming toward the bye week, and it came together,”

He even signed McNabb after Mike Shanahan accused McNabb of lacking the “cardiovascular endurance” for a 2-minute offense.

It seems like Bruce Allen and Mike Shanahan aren’t on the same page here. Bruce Allen should give Shanahan the power he deserves and has earned with Superbowl wins.

McNabb’s contract should have been decided upon by Mike Shanahan.

This is just another stupid decision by an overzealous organization in the Washington Redskins.

McNabb is still a good quarterback but he’s not worth $40 million guaranteed.

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