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Kanye West On Matt Lauer Show

Kanye West went on the Today Show to speak about his situation with George Bush.  The interview was nothing more than an aggressive questioning by Matt Lauer to Kanye West

Matt Lauer suggested “While most people expressed frustration, you did take it across the line…you made it a little more sinister that the federal response to Katrina was because of race.” And then he asked Kanye “Do you regret having said that now?”

Check the facts.

Kanye West isn't the bad guy this time

Kanye West said “george bush doesn’t care about black people” during a television fundraiser for Hurricane Katrina.

That is not saying the entire Hurricane Katrina event was because of race. Kanye West could have defended himself with dignity. And he should have.

Matt Lauer’s suggestions were exaggerated. Kanye West was never able to gather himself after Matt Lauer set him up. All he could say was that he was human.

Kanye’s antics are annoying but not wrong here.

George Bush could care less about what Kanye West and there Matt Lauer is showing footage of “the most emotional he (George Bush) got during his 3 1/2 hour interview.”

Kanye’s just another victim of the media’s promotion of George Bush’s new book.

Video of Interview Here



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