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Alcohol Is Worse Than Crack, Heroin, & Crystal Meth

CBS NEWS – What’s worse for us, alcohol or crack cocaine? Careful – this isn’t a no-brainer.

A new study says alcohol is more destructive than illegal drugs like heroin and crack.

British scientists, lead by Dr. David Nutt at the University of Bristol, evaluated these three drugs, as well as ecstasy and marijuana (20 drugs in all), ranking each of them on the following criteria: physical harm to the user, how addictive it is, and the effect of its use on families, communities, and society. Continue Reading…

A new study done by British Scientists evaluated 20 drugs and found that alcohol is the most socially destructive drug. Far worse than marijuana or ecstasy.

Could you ever imagine alcohol being illegal?

Although hard drugs like heroin, crack, and crystal meth are deadlier for individual users, alcohol is more destructive.

The new caffeinated alcoholic-beverage Four Loko won’t help Alcohol’s case in this one. My friend and I decided to try Four Loko after hearing all the hoopla about it being banned on college campuses.

We had to try the drink when we heard Four Loko was the reason Central Washington students were being sent to the hospital after it was first reported they were given a date rape drug.

We thought…how powerful can this bullsh*t drink be?…date rape drug???…really??? “It can’t be crazier than Bacardi 151!!”

To cut a long story short, we couldn’t remember most of the night…and my boy even drove himself home from the club! In defense of Four Loko we did have hard liquor and beer before and after the Four Loko, but that’s never hurt us before.

I was lethargic for two days straight after drinking the Four Loko and im still recovering.

I totally understand this study. Alcohol is a drug that affects the people who love the user stronger than it affects the actual user.

Drinking enables users to do and say whatever they want without facing the mental consequences. This will cause drinkers, alcoholics in particular, to say things they would normally never say knowing what the mental consesquences will be for his/her loved ones. 

Do you think alcohol will ever become illegal or more strongly regulated??

  1. November 18, 2010 at 2:01 AM

    What you say s totally true man….
    I’m coming out with something called FIVE Loko after it gets banned!
    The real TRUTH about the Fo-Lo ban! This cartoon I made explains it all…

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