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Big L’s Brother Calls Mase “A Straight Bitch”

SOHH – “Well, L was the first one out, but his career didn’t take off first. Then Mase got that deal with Puff, he started acting stupid. I had to run Mase off the block because his head got way too big for his body. Continue Reading…

Big L’s brother, Donald Phinazee, is the latest person to call out Mase. In an interview with VIBE, Phinazee said “Mase is a bitch, a straight bitch.” 

Mase gets called a straight bitch

He also said “He aint into religion for real. That dude has always been running. he’s scared.” And he spoke about how he ran Mase off the 140th street block forcing Mase to hang out on Lenox Avenue.

Big L’s brother isn’t the first person to speak out against Mase. When a fan asked if Mase was in attendance for Huddy 6’s funeral, Cam’ron tweeted “hell no dat f*ckin sucka ass n*gga.”

I truly believe he has some love or passion for religion & god. But that same God he prays to has blessed him with a gift to make music.

Mase is undoubtedly in a hard position. Does Mase use the gift to rap? a music genre that promotes an “unholy” lifestyle. Or does Mase preach? missing out on the wide audience he could have with music.

Either way, Mase needs to man up, make a decision, and stick with it.

At the very least, stop your bullsh*ting and keep it real.

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