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Golfer John Daly Says He Played Better When He Was Drunk

Huffington Post –  While signing copies of his book “My Life In And Out Of The Rough,” golfer John Daly was asked what he has learned about himself over the years.

“That I was happy when I was a miserable drunk,” Daly told Rob Green Jr. of the Charlotte Observer. “I played better when I was drunk.” Continue Reading…

During the signing of his new book, Daly said “I played better when I was drunk.” Golfer John Daly is frustrated with his golf game and rehabilitation.

He also said he was ” happy” as a drunk and feels like “the more I work, the worse I get.”

John Daly is expressing the same sentiments that many before him have felt and many after him will feel.

Drinking alcohol takes an edge off of life and allows people to focus on what they want to focus on and do what they want to do. In other words, being sober is immensely overrated.

John Daley doing what he does

Being sober makes you remember that girl who dumped you, that toy you never got for christmas, that test you failed, that team you were cut from, that friend you lost to the streets, etc..

We all know what we are supposed to do, what comes natural to us, what we were born for, and why…yada yada yda. 

How one man deals with his individual f*cked up world, is his business.

If John Daly wants to drink everyday, let him drink, he has paid the cost to be his own boss.

I guarantee Daly’s life and golf game will go along smoother if Daly has a couple of drinks because that’s what he does.

It’s nature and no scientist or doctor will ever be able understand it.

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