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Rhymefest Is Running For Chicago City Council as Alderman

Grammy Award-winning rapper Rhymefest, also known as Che Smith, has announced he will be running for Chicago City Alderman of the 20th ward.

Rhymefest the politician

Chicago’s city council consists of aldermen; members of a municipal assembly or council.

Rhymefest isn’t new to this, on Oct. 19, 2006, he met with United Kingdom’s Parliamentary Leader of the Opposition, David Cameron, of the Conservative party.

Che Smith’s name was inspired by Che Guevara. He co-wrote Kanye West’s “Jesus Walks” and recieved a grammy for it.

What can I say? Rhymefest is doing it big!

First, he meets with a prominent Eurpoean conservative politician; David Cameron. Then, he convinces David Cameron to not ban Hip Hop because Hip Hop should to be able to portray the positive side of life with music. And now he’s taking on Chicago’s hoods.

He should be able to use his connections in the hip-hop game to help his campaign and service to the public once he wins the election.

Rhymefest got some mean rhymes too. Don’t forget it.

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