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Rapper Gucci Mane Goes To Rehab

SOHH – Southern rapper Gucci Mane has reportedly checked himself in to a 28-day drug rehabilitation center located in Georgia.

Details on the rapper’s reported check-in suggest he sought help last week. Continue Reading…

Rapper Gucci Mane has unwillingly checked into rehab at the request of his lawyers and entourage who repeatedly told him this was the only alternative to more jail time.

Lil Wayne, T.I, Prodigy, DMX, Gucci Mane, Shyne…the list of current rappers who are in jail or have been in jail goes on and on.

Are rappers being unfairly targeted by the police and justice system? Do rappers purposely live a reckless lifestyle for street cred, more hype, and better sales?

Or is the phenomenom of hip hop artists getting caught up expose the troubling lives of young african-american males?

I really don’t know why so many rappers get in trouble with the law but I do know it’s not a good reflection of african-american culture.

Gucci Mane Goes To Rehab

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