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The United States Doesn’t Want Iraq To Form A Government

LA Times – Reporting from Baghdad —

After months of pressuring Iraqis to form a new government quickly, the U.S. is now urging them to slow down rather than rush into a deal that would run counter to U.S. interests and risk further destabilizing the country. Continue Reading…

The Obama administration has told Iraqis to slow down the forming of their democratic government after months of pressuring them to do it quickly.

A United States soldier wastes his time and risks his life in Iraq.

Prime Minister Nouri Maliki has received support from Shiite Cleric Muqtada Sadr giving him the parliamentary majority he needs to keep his job. Nouri Maliki can now form a government if he can pull off a deal with Iraq’s Kurds.

But America doesn’t want that. Vice President Joe Biden is promoting a plan by where Maliki, as Prime Minister, would share power  with secular shiite Muslim leader Iyad Allawi.

U.S and Iraqi officials say the U.S is pushing back and putting pressure on the Kurds not to rush to endorse Maliki. “We’d rather they did it right than did it quickly” says an anonymous U.S official.

This is all a bunch of B.S. There will never be any real democracy in the Middle East if we continue to interfere with their “politics.”

The reality is that the United States government works for the American people. The Iraqi people are always going to do things their own way and we just have to learn to live with that. 

Weren’t we fighting a war in Iraq for democracy & peace??

Ohh no…that’s right…we were losing young American lives in Iraq so that we could put our political “puppets” in power.

Politics as usual.

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