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Junior Seau Gets Arrested For Domestic Violence & Drives Off A Cliff The Same Day

ESPN – Junior Seau drove his SUV off a cliff and landed close to the beach in Carlsbad, Calif., early Monday morning after the former All-Pro linebacker was arrested.

He escaped major injury. Continue Reading…Junior Seau was arrested around midnight for domestic violence when his 25-year old live-in-girlfriend called police at 10 pm. She was reported to have minor injuries that did not need medical attention.

Did Junior Seau get high or drunk, or did he attempt suicide?

He made bail at 3 am, a few hours before he apparently drove off a cliff in Southern California.

And there are only two ways he could have driven off a cliff.

Drugs or Suicide.

Seau had to be worked-up and distraught over what the arrest would do to his well-protected public image. He founded the Seau foundation raising money for drug awareness, child abuse prevention, and college scholarships and has always been highly respected by the NFL and it’s fans.

Seau could have done what most of us do when we feel bad. Take a large dose of our drug of choice. Liquor, coke…who knows. He could have then drove off the cliff by accident from being too intoxicated.

Or Seau could have been trying to take his own life away for bringing shame upon his name and disrespecting his family.

Either way, I hope he gets better.

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