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T.I. Saves A Suicidal Man’s Life

CBS News – Police got unexpected help talking a suicidal man down from an Atlanta skyscraper on Wednesday when rapper T.I. showed up.

Officer James Polite says the hip-hop star joined the crowd outside the 22-story office building in midtown Wednesday and told officers he wanted to help.

Police said the man agreed to come down in exchange for a few minutes face-to-face with T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris. Continue Reading…

T.I did a good deed by volunteering his help to the suicidal man on Oct. 13, 2010, whose name has not been released. T.I heard about the situation on the radio and drove to the building ASAP before he recorded a video of himself to prove to the suicidal man that he was there.

T.I limited his words to the man seemed “beat up by life” and has not been seeking media attention for this. He has even remained silent about the rescue on his Twitter account.

All this happened the day before today, Oct 14, 2010, when he will be attending his scheduled sentencing hearing for his parole violation.

So, my question is, should T.I be vindicated from his recent troubles for using his status as a famous rapper to help save a suicidal man’s life? Should the judge take T.I’s gesture into account when sentencing him??

Rapper T.I

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