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Lil Jon & Jose Canseco Will Be On Celebrity Apprentice

TMZ – Is Lil Jon gonna be on the next season of “Celebrity Apprentice” … YEEEAHHHH!!!

TMZ has identified some of the contestants Donald Trump has selected for the upcoming season of his hit reality show which includes former MLB star turned steroid finger-pointer Jose Canseco and the original “Survivor” winner Richard Hatch. Continue Reading…

I guess crunk aint dead after all

Donald Trump sure knows how to pick em. Lil Jon & Jose Canseco both made a lot of money for not doing much within their industries.

Lil Jon started the whole ‘crunk’ thing in the south and could barely even rap. But Lil Jon made sure he got on the producing side of things and quickly started making money off of other southern rappers when the ‘crunk’ hip hop era was fading.

Now Jose Canseco, that’s a whole different animal. Jose literally said “fu*k it” im going to ruin an entire sport for financial gain. Jose Canseco milked the MLB for over 15 years before writing a tell-all book about his former teammates and ‘friends’ using steroids. And the rest is history along with the sport of baseball.

I will have to say Jose Canseco will be the more succesful one because I don’t know how you can beat a man with no morals.

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