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Gilbert Arenas Fined For Lying About Injury

SportsIllustrated – For someone looking to get back into the good graces of his team, its fans and the NBA, Gilbert Arenas has a funny way of showing it.

The Washington Wizards guard’s latest escapade took place Tuesday, when coach Flip Saunders announced before a preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks that Arenas would miss the contest with a sore left knee. Continue Reading… 

Gilbert Arenas should just go home

Gilbert Arenas told Flip Saunders in a text message the night before the Washington Wizards preseason game with the Atlanta Hawks that his knee was a little stiff and sore and that he didn’t think he could play.

Then, after the win, Gilbert tells reporters “I lied to coach and told him my knee was sore so he’d start Nick.”

The Wizards have now fined Gilbert Arenas for lying.

Gilbert Arenas should be ashamed of himself, first he wants to “move on” after he “helps” John Wall and now he wants to act like he’s doing Nick Young a favor.

C’mon Son!!

Just admit that the preseason is a waste of time. Everybody knows that the season doesn’t really start until 50 games in.

Does Gilbert Arenas even want to play basketball anymore??

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