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Randy Moss Traded Again: Is Randy Moss Officially A Problem?

The New England Patriots have traded Randy Moss and a 2012 7th round draft pick to the Minnesota Vikings for a 2011 3rd round draft pick.
Randy Moss Goes Back To Minnnesota

New England Patriots coach Bill Belicheck said the usual, he made the decision for the “best for our football team.” 

Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress said Moss “can still go downtown and get the football, which is a stand-alone factor.” And Brett Favre called him a Hall of Famer.
I’m surprised the New England Patriots would have the balls to trade Randy Moss this season. I’m also surprised his antics had to come down to him being traded.


Randy Moss has been a problem for a minimum of half his career. He was traded from Minnesota in the first place for attitude problems and quickly traded from Oakland..for a 6th round draft pick. 

He got into a “heated exchange” with the quarterbacks coach Bill O’Brien at halftime in the win over the Miami Dolphins and also had an egregious postgame interview after the week 1 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals.

For all of this hype, I must say Moss got over on this deal. 

Moss gets to become the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, go back to the team that started his career, play for a superbowl-caliber team in the Vikings, and play with his rival and 3-time MVP Brett Favre.

The New England Patriots give themselves a better chance of winning this season because the team will rally around their leader Tom Brady. Tom Brady can easily turn a no-name receiver into an All Pro like he did with Deion Branch and Wes Welker among others. And  the Pats do get a 3rd round pick to build on because no matter what they weren’t winning a Superbowl this year.   

The Minnesota Vikings get a top 5 wide receiver and a 7th round pick. They should now be the favorites to win the Superbowl. The Vikings were one bad interception away from being in it last year and now they are a better team.

Is Randy Moss a problem?

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