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CBS Radio News Correspondent Arrested For Growing Weed

CBS News Radio Correspondent Howard Arenstein Arrested On Marijuana Charges

Huffington Post – CBS Radio News correspondent Howard Arenstein has been arrested on marijuana charges in Washington.

D.C. police spokesman Lt. Nicholas Breul said Arenstein and his wife were arrested early Saturday and charged with possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Continue Reading…

Howard Arenstein was arrested along with his wife Orly Azoulay when officers found 8 ft. tall cannabis plants in the couple’s backyard. Packaged marijuana was also found inside the home.

Doesn’t this guy work for CBS Radio…he should be paid pretty well. In other words why would he put his family at risk over some weed money??

That may be the question many non-smokers are asking. The reality is that since weed has become more mainstream and decriminalized in some states it has gotten more and more expensive. No lie, It can be my biggest bill at different times of the year.

Howard Arenstein’s weed growing operation was probably paying his bills and the CBS Radio job was the side money. 8 ft. tall plants in his backyard??!! Now that’s weight.

Howard Arenstein and his wife may have jumped the gun but professional people well begin to grown and sell weed all over the country as weed becomes more and more decriminalized.

When the time comes, instead of snitching on your neighbors, negotiate a taxing deal where the growers pay taxes to everyone in the neighborhood in the form of money or weed.

This way we can live happily ever after.

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