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Rick Sanchez Fired From CNN For Calling Jon Stewart A Bigot

NY POST – CNN anchor Rick Sanchez was fired Friday by the news network after he went on a tirade during a radio interview calling Jon Stewart a “bigot” and accusing the “elite, Northeast establishment liberals” of labeling him as “second-tier” because of his Cuban-American background, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

“Rick Sanchez is no longer with the company,” the statement from CNN said. “We thank Rick for his years of service and we wish him well,” it added. Continue Reading…

Rick Sanchez Fired For Calling Jon Stewart A Bigot

Rick Sanchez is right when he questions Jewish people being labeled as ‘minorities.’ Rick Sanchez is also right when he says he is labeled as “second tier” because of his Cuban background.

Rick Sanchez’s point is that there are “Haves” & “Have Nots.” 

Even though I like Jon Stewart and I don’t think he’s a bigot. He does have a cynical elitist point of view.

It’s not about East or West, Black or White, Muslim or Christian, Gay or Straight, Male or Female, it’s about the “Have’s” and their control over the “Have Nots.”

So when Jon Stewart blames America’s problems on republicans or extreme racists he is steering his viewers, who trust him, away from the truth. For example, I doubt he would tell his viewers that the richest %1 of the country owns %24 of the nation’s wealth.

Rick Sanchez was fired for speaking the truth. Check out the interview with Pete Dominick below.

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