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Bruno Mars Faces Felony Cocaine Charges

Yahoo – Bruno Mars, singer of the hit R&B song “Just the Way You Are,” faces a felony cocaine charge stemming from his arrest after a performance at a Las Vegas nightclub last month.

Bruno Mars faces felony cocaine charges

The Clark County district attorney’s office filed a criminal complaint Friday alleging the rising singer-songwriter had 2.6 grams of cocaine when he was arrested Sept. 19 after being detained by a hotel security guard. Continue Reading…

Bruno Mars has received Felony cocaine charges stemming from his arrest a few weeks ago. I could take this as a warning from the justice system.

 A warning that they will charge celebrities who break the law in the same way they would charge any average offender.

Unfortunately, I know better than that. Bruno Mars has a little color to him and that can make all the difference.

Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan are always getting caught with cocaine, other drugs and have been arrested for DUI. They get dismissals, probation, rehab, maybe a day in jail.

But not the brown-skinned Bruno Mars…watch him get 6 months or more out of the possible 4 years. All for a first offense.

Then again, they may just be pissed because he was caught with 2.6 grams and tried to play it off by saying “Can I speak to you honestly, sir?…I have never used drugs before.”

I mean, that’s just a downright insult to a man’s intelligence.

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