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Man Dies After Drinking A Pint Of Vodka In 4 Seconds

BBC News – Richard Davies, 29, from Thornaby, near Stockton, had been drinking with friends before the alcohol knocked him unconscious in January.

A pint of vodka in 4 seconds has to be a world record

Mr Davies was found not breathing in a pool of his own blood, and died hours later.

Recording a verdict of misadventure, Teesside coroner Tony Eastwood said the alcohol in his system had killed him. Continue Reading…

Richard Davies, of England, pushed his friend away before drinking a pint of vodka in about 4 seconds. Needless to say, he died hours later.

Im guessing Richard was trying to commit suicide. If you drink 5 1/2 times the legal limit in 4 seconds you have to know you are going to die…right?

Although drinking a pint of alcohol is no way to enjoy alcohol, (been there done that), Richard just completed the best suicide attempt ever.

Some people say their wish is “To die with no pain.”

Well, there it is, because dying drunk is literally dying with no pain.

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