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Canada Loosens Its Regulation On Prostitution

Prostitution Is Not Illegal In Canada

Huffington Post – An Ontario court has struck down key provisions in Canada’s prostitution laws in a case that could set a precedent for the country.

Prostitution itself is not illegal in Canada, but the court struck down three provisions that criminalized most aspects of it. Communicating for the purposes of prostitution, pimping and operating a brothel were decriminalized under the court’s ruling.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel ruled Tuesday that the dangers prostitutes face far outweigh any harm which may be faced by the public. Himel said the laws set up to protect prostitutes actually harm them. Continue Reading…

 The United States forced Craigslist to take down its ‘adult services’ section, a tool that many prostitutes used to increase their safety and liberty while on the job.

Prostitution isn’t even illegal in Canada but the government took it a step further and decriminalized pimping, brothels, and negotiations.

Why cant the United States Learn from its friendly neighbors??

While were over here making it harder and more dangerous for our working ladies….Canada lends its ladies a helping hand.

Now that’s a government that takes care of their people no matter where they are on the social ladder.

We better step our game up over here because Canada is looking pretty good right about now.

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