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FBI Agents Cheat On Internal Exam

BBC News – FBI agents cheated on an internal exam by conferring, using crib sheets, and finding answers on computers, a Department of Justice probe has found.

Staff were required to take a test on their knowledge of new unified guidelines on domestic investigations.

Suspicions were raised when many passed the 90-minute exam in just 20 minutes. Continue Reading…

Is cheating good?

The most thorough workers in America get caught cheating…what does that tell you??

It is now official: All of the ‘perfect’ kids who got straight A’s through school and the ‘dream’ job weren’t the smartest kids after all. They just knew how to cheat the best.

I don’t want to hear that garbage about ‘this could be their first time’ or ‘they were under pressure.’ We all know the truth: once a cheater always a cheater.

This should serve as an example to the young students of our country. What’s the message these kids should take from this news???

Cheat, study, and cheat some more if you want to serve the best interests of the nation.

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