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Dallas Cowboys Get Revenge On Dez Bryant

Dez Bryant Picks Up $54,000 Tab

ESPN – At some point, Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant was going to get his comeuppance. Teammate Roy Williams all but guaranteed that during training camp.

Bryant made national news in training camp when he refused to carry Williams’ pads after practice — bucking the trend of veteran NFL players hazing rookies. Bryant later said he didn’t know about such tradition.

“I’m not doing it,” Bryant said then. “I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads.” Continue Reading…

Roy Williams and the rest of the Dallas Cowboys got payback from Dez Bryant refusing to carry pads by leaving him with a $54,896 dinner bill. The players even took home bottles of wine. Haha.

Like Nas said “No go against the grain, simple and plain.” Obviously Dez Bryant doesn’t listen to the timeless lessons of Nas.

The wise thing to do would have been to “Carry On Tradition” and carry Roy William’s pads. But noooo…Dez Bryant had to learn the hard way and now he’s $55,000 poorer.

Make no mistake about it. This goes out as an official warning from the OG’s of the NFL. 

One way or another, if you want to play in the NFL, you will “Carry On Tradition.”

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