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Ann Coulter To Gay Conservatives “You’re Not Black”

Huffington Post – Huffington Post Nobody ever said Ann Coulter was going to play nice during her time at Homocon, a summet held by the gay conservative group GOProud over the weekend, not even the organizers who insisted that she be there. Perhaps it came as little surprise to them, then, when the conservative pundit stood before the group of 150 attendees and aggressively railed against gay marriage. Marriage “is not a civil right — you’re not black,” Continue Reading…

Ignorance at it’s finest.

Whether marriage is a civil right is up for debate but our civil rights do include the protection from discrimination based on Sexual Orientation. It’s obvious that gays are not allowed to marry because of their Sexual Orientation.

Blacks are not the only civilians who enjoy civil rights. Gays, Whites, Hispanics and everyone else living in this country legally is entitled to their civil rights.

How did blacks get so closely associated with the term ‘civil rights’?? They have had to fight the hardest for them to be acknowledged.

I despised Ann Coulter in the past but I now see a need for bigoted extremists like her. They never fail to remind me of where I am. The United States Of America.

God Bless!!

The American Flag

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