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Muslims Are The New Niggers

Employee Discrimination Against Muslims

NY Times – At a time of growing tensions involving Muslims in the United States, a record number of Muslim workers are complaining of employment discrimination, from co-workers calling them “terrorist” or “Osama” to employers barring them from wearing head scarves or taking prayer breaks. 

Such complaints were increasing even before frictions erupted over the planned Islamic center in Lower Manhattan, with Muslim workers filing a record 803 such claims in the year ended Sept. 30, 2009. That was up 20 percent from the previous year and up nearly 60 percent from 2005, according to federal data. Continue Reading… 

I was in my freshman year of high school when 9/11 happened. I never noticed any apparent discrimination towards Muslims in my everyday life even though there aren’t many Muslims in the Boston area. 

I have since lived in NYC where there is some apparent hatred shown towards Muslims. In the last few years I have seen a resurgence in not only apparent discrimination but subtle discrimination as well. Furthermore, Muslim jokes come up in conversations more often, making fun of their religion and lifestyle. 

The United States is a racist country and the people will not discriminate who they want to show hatred for…Blacks, Jews, muslims, Asains, Natives and Hispanics can all be hated at different times in different degrees. 

African-Americans felt the brunt of this hatred for most of the 20th century but now it’s the Muslims turn. I believe Barack Obama has something to do with Muslims becoming the new “Niggers.” He is a half black and has been able to avoid any connection to African-American culture. But he hasn’t been able to avoid being connected to the Muslim faith. Polls have shown that 18% or nearly 1 in 5 Americans believe Barack Obama is a Muslim. 

Obama’s connection to the Muslim faith is making many Americans feel pressured and surrounded by the Islamic faith. These Americans, out of fear, protest the construction of mosques, discriminate against Muslims and simply reject the Islamic faith. 

Is Barack Obama a Muslim because he wore a Garb?

  1. josephS
    September 25, 2010 at 10:38 AM

    daProfessional – Don’t exaggerate. A number of commentators have tried to make the current environment of suspicion towards Muslims out to be just another Jim Crow environment all over again.
    It’s nonsense. The Park51 Imam in an interview with ABC’s Chrisiane Amanpour made it clear when asked about life for American Muslims.
    He said: “In spite of the polls, the fact is that American Muslims are very happy and they thrive in this country. One of the misperceptions that exists in the Muslim world, which needs to be fixed, is the perception that Muslims in America are living in very, very, very bad circumstances. They cannot practice religion freely. It is not the truth at all. The fact is, we are practicing. We fast, we pray, we do our prayers. We are able to do that. The laws protect us. Our political systems protect us. And we enjoy those freedoms in this country. And the Muslim world needs to recognize that.”
    And so do all of America’s grievance mongers.

    • September 25, 2010 at 11:12 AM

      Well, America is a wonderful country that makes that possible for everybody. Freedom of Religion is in full effect but that doesn’t change the way that Muslims are viewed by Christian and Catholic Americans. If Muslims are living good why must their holy book be burned on 9/11?? Why do they file the most employee discrimination complaints?? Why do you rarely see them in the public eye?? And why do they only make up 2% of our population when Islam is the biggest religion in the world??

      • josephS
        September 25, 2010 at 1:27 PM

        Actually, Christianity edges out Islam with the most adherents (about 2bill to 1.2bill). Next is Hinduism with about 785mill. “Modern” America was populated by central and northern Europeans initially, and they were mostly Christian.
        Like you said, 2% (maybe) in the US are muslim. That answers why you rarely see them in the public eye, not because they’re being oppressed. There is some suspicion towards Muslims in America, many with a negative view, but that does not a hater nation make.

  2. Kip
    September 24, 2010 at 4:22 PM

    So it’s all the President’s fault that Americans are full of hatred.
    Interesting logic…

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