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Obama Snubbed By Israel At U.N Summit Speech

The Israeli delegation has apparently boycotted Barack Obama’s speech at the U.N Summit today Sep. 23, 2010.

Israel is protesting Obama’s decision to engage in “open talks” with Iran about their nuclear program.

Obama should flex his muscles and show Israel who’s the boss. The Obama administration should encourage the U.N to sanction Israel in order to ensure that this behavior doesn’t become the norm.

The United States protects and takes care of Israel, so for them to disrespect the president’s speech is similar to a teenager staying out too late. When I didn’t come home on time my father kicked my ass until I eventually became my own man and he no longer protected or supported me.

The difference between Israel and I is that I don’t have enemies surrounding me like Israel does. So Israel needs to respect the decisions of their father who is currently Barack Obama. If not, they will be left alone to be preyed upon by the Irans, Iraqs, Afghanistans and Lebanons of the Middle East.

Obama has proven he will work for the safety of the Israel and this is what they do to repay him??!!

  1. Kip
    September 23, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Or today is Sukkot, and it would be a crime to be there.
    But, please, don’t let the truth get in your way…

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