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Bruno Mars Caught With Cocaine

TMZ – Never underestimate the humble bathroom attendant — because according to Las Vegas police … it was an Altoid-slingin’, paper towel passer who helped cops bust Bruno Mars in a casino bathroom this weekend. Continue Reading…

Bruno Mars Arrested

Bruno Mars or Peter Hernandez is the singer of the new hit, Billionaire, where he sings with Travis McCoy from Gym Class Heroes.

The clean cut guy who sings and likes girls ‘Just the way you are’ is claiming he has never done drugs before…lol.

Bruno Mars wants us to believe that he was trying coke for the first time….in the bathroom stall of a casino…with another guy…while there is a female attendant in the same bathroom.

Cmon Son!

This has ‘addiction’ written all over it and you have been sniffing and going to “mars” for years now. Your better off admitting you are not a role model like Paris Hilton & Lindsay Lohan.

I actually don’t give a fuck….but I do like this song.

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