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Buju Banton Faces Life In Prison

Buju Banton Arrested

Yahoo – On his upcoming album “Before the Dawn,” Jamaican reggae star Buju Banton crows about standing strong, though battered and bruised, in the face of a gathering darkness.The songs sound prophetic — the four-time Grammy nominee recorded them before he was arrested on federal cocaine charges last December. The trial is scheduled to start Monday in Tampa — a week before the album’s U.S. release. He faces a possible life sentence if convicted. Continue Reading…

This seems like another case of an ‘old friend’ snitching to cover his own ass. The police are thirsty for black public figures like Buju Banton and they will arrest them at all costs. Same thing happened to T.I when he got arrested on that weapons charge.

A word of advice to black entertainers: You really, really, really, have to watch who you associate yourselves with. There are plenty of snitches out there who will conveniently “resurface” before an arrest.

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