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Michael Jackson’s Family Sueing Everyone & Anyone They Can

Businessweek – A lawsuit filed by Michael Jackson’s mother once again places the spotlight on the pop star’s final days as it focuses not just on the doctor charged in his death but also on the concert promoter that was supposed to pay the physician.

Katherine Jackson sued AEG Live LLC in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday, claiming the promoter of a her son’s planned series of comeback concerts failed to provide key lifesaving equipment and adequately monitor the cardiologist hired to care for her son. Continue Reading…

TMZ – Dr. Conrad Murray is going after Michael Jackson‘s longtime physician and friend, Dr. Arnold Klein, claiming Klein is at least partly to blame for the singer’s death and should be a defendant in Joe Jackson’s wrongful death lawsuit. Continue Reading…

Michael Jackson Looking Cool


Joe Jackson points the finger at Dr. Conrad Murray, Katherine Jackson points the finger at AEG Live and Dr. Conrad Murray points the finger at Dr. Arnold Klein as well as 7 other doctors.

Yes, you read that right, 10 people are being blamed for the late great singer’s death.

If Michael Jackson’s own family can’t agree on who to blame for his death…what COULD they ever agree on?? The Jackson household must have felt like WWIII for Michael Jackson who had it worst than his brothers and sisters.

In all reality, Michael Jackson’s overbearing father, erratic mother and useless brothers all drove him to a gradual suicide.

Michael Jackson would hate to see his fans, whom he loved to death, pay attention to any of the garbage his family spits out.

Michael Jackson’s “Bad” Video – R.I.P

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