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Brett Favre Prays For Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Loves Sports

MTV – He’ll miss a little over a month, but if things go according to schedule, Lil Wayne will be out of prison in time to catch most of the NFL season. Last week, the season kicked off with Wayne’s home team, Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints, beating Weezy’s favorite player, Brett Favre, and the Minnesota Vikings.

As Young Money President Mack Maine told MTV News recently, Weezy is elated that Favre didn’t hang up his shoulder pads and go into retirement.  Continue Reading… 

Brett Favre Having Fun


This is my top choice for “The Odd Couple.”
Weezy & Favre?? I can see it now…Favre spitting the hook on a track called “I’m a Viking”…lol.

Only Brett Favre can give an honest shoutout to a rapper like Lil Wayne. Could you imagine Peyton Manning or Tom Brady even saying his name??

Favre didn’t do this for some publicity stunt or to get new fans, he did this because he actually cares for Lil Wayne and that’s something that’s hard to come by these days.

Brett Favre represents what American athletes stands for, hard-work, humility and competition. Other athletes should take note.  

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