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Racist Drunk Gets A Beatdown… And They Arrest Him!

Yes it sure does

OnePeoplesProject – Project/ This Labor Day Weekend, we at One People’s Project would like to remind all neo-Nazis, white supremacists, conservatives and other assorted bigots to drink responsibly. Alas, we kinda sorta forgot to remind you all at the beginning of the weekend, so instead we get to show you what not doing so got a young, drunk Islamophobe named Kevin Morris. He spent some time in the West Haven, CT. hoosegow because he decided to start some racist crap in a local hookah lounge thinking is was owned by Muslims. Continue Reading…

Let me get this straight

Kevin Morris gets liqoured up, enters a hookah bar, goes all Clint Eastwood on the bartender by shouting racial epithets and choking him, gets punched in the face, by black and arabic patrons, and HE, Kevin Morris, actually gets arrested?????

I thought the ass whopping was enough but I guess the police are tired of all the misinformed, ignorant racism going on against muslims.

God Bless America.

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