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“Chickens Coming Home To Roost”

 The Michigan View – Add Jesse Jackson’s ride to prominent vehicles being stripped in Detroit.

Following the embarrassing news that Mayor Dave Bing’s GMC Yukon was hijacked by criminals this week, Detroit’s Channel 7 reports that the Reverend’s Caddy Escalade SUV was stolen and stripped of its wheels while he was in town last weekend with the UAW’s militant President Bob King leading the “Jobs, Justice, and Peace” march promoting government-funded green jobs. Continue Reading…

Malcolm X  said a long time ago, “Chickens coming home to roost.” I wish the legend was still around to educate the so-called “black leaders” of today.

Malcolm X

Jesse Jackson preaches monogamy but has mistresses, advocates green technology but drives an Escalade. Either you keep it %100 real like Michael Eric Dyson, or go straight pop like Barack Obama.

African-Americans have read the preachings of Jackson and Sharpton and now they are turning the page to a new chapter in African-American culture.

  1. derek Lavelle
    September 6, 2010 at 12:28 AM

    I like your article but I diff on the choice of who I would want back to teach. My choice would be one they called “the Honorable” because he’s the one that rescued, taught, educated, and launched bro. Malcolm from prison and drugs.

    Understand I have pondered the same questions you mention about today’s leadership and who would I want back. I am a christian but when i look at today’s situation and the problems that plague our people,they are:


    The Whole Nation of Islam story should be studied and examined because they excelled in all the above areas. Many don’t realize the impact Mr Muhammad had on diabetes and high blood pressure within his followers with his eating program. And of course he’s noted for his prison and drug reform.

    In fact, Alex Haley was so impressed with Malcolm eloquence and mannerism that he found it hard to believe that Malcolm was once a prisoner, thief, junkie and pimp.

    When Alex Haley offered Malcolm to record his life story. Bro Malcolm answered and I quote.” Yes, I think my life would be the best story to show how Mr. Muhammad salvages black lives like mine.”

    So even Malcolm himself admits to my choice.

    I know that Malcolm’s death is attributed to the Nation, and many cannot ignore that fact. But Malcolm played a role in his own demise. Even that can be a lesson if the truth were truly exposed.

    I love your blog bro! I just bookmarked you.
    Derek Lavelle
    Ezine article writer

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