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P. Diddy Being Sued

P. Diddy is being sued by a former employee for age discrimination. The employee, Francesca Spero, worked for Diddy for over 12 years befoe she was fired in March.

Ms. Spero told another employee she was treated for drug dependency after she had hip surgery.  The lawsuit indicates that her disability was the reason, but her attorney claims “Francesca Spero opened the door for Combs’ career and, now that she’s 51, he showed her the door at Bad Boy.”

The attorneys can’t seem to make up their mind on whether she was fired for her disability or her age.

How does this women think she even has a legitimate claim? Either way, shes wrong. I would fire her too if she was addicted to drugs.

On top of that, her ass is too old to be working in the hip-hop industry anyways. Bitch might mistake Lil Wayne for Tupac. And P.Diddy can’t have too many old people in his organization when he’s pushing 42.

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