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Hoops is a reality tv star who won the first season of Flavor of Love and I Love Money


Hoopz is African-American/Italian

Now that’s a nice ass




Hoopz has been linked to many celebrities including, Flavor Flav, T.I, Nick Cannon, and now Shaq. There is a leaked sex tape online of her with her ex-boyfriend from years ago.  

Hoopz was a high-school basketball star and as you can see she is very athletic. She is even trying to get into boxing now.  

If Shaq is really engaged to Hoopz that could be disastrous for the Boston Celtics. Could you imagine Hoopz showing up in the locker room after games? Or even hanging with wives of the rest of the team? The last thing the Celtics need is a media distraction or locker room situation.  

This girl just screams sex and that can’t be good for a veteran team with championship aspirations. As a newfound Celtics fan, I am very disappointed in the Big Aristotle, but I can’t blame him because I would hold on to that ass for as long as I can too.  

  1. Sandy
    October 8, 2010 at 8:09 AM

    She’s nothing but a loud mouth, shit talking WHORE! Boxing? Please, its just another one of her publicity stunts.

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