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Alcohol Is Actually Good For Your Health

Yahoo – One of the most contentious issues in the vast literature about alcohol consumption has been the consistent finding that those who don’t drink actually tend to die sooner than those who do. The standard Alcoholics Anonymous explanation for this finding is that many of those who show up as abstainers in such research are actually former hard-core drunks who had already incurred health problems associated with drinking. Continue reading…

Great, after reading that article I now know Alcohol can help maintain my mental and physical health by lubricating girls in my social life.

That was good enough for me but now your telling me I will live longer?!

Shit, on that note, im bout to grab me a beer and a shot of Johnny Walker black label.

And im not buying the idea that people who abstain from alcohol are poor…there’s a liqour store or a bar on every corner in my hood. And 3 beers a day is not moderate drinking, that’s called addiction.

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