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Are the Miami Heat the New Villians of the NBA?

Miami Heat- New Villians of the NBA

Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller are among numerous NBA Legends to denounce NBA All Star Lebron James’ “Decision” to join the Miami Heat.

If legends like Jordan and Bird are outright questioning Lebron’s competitiveness and love for the game, he will not and should not be admired, respected or liked by us real NBA fans. Even if Lebron James’ decision was the best thing to ever happen to Miami according to this outrageous rant by the Dan Lebatard.

I must admit, it was shear genius for Dwayne Wade to convince Lebron James and Chris Bosh to take less money and travel to Miami to join the Heat. Although the Lakers are still my favorites to win the 2011 NBA Championship, this was a cheap move by Lebron simply to get a ring. How can Lebron still want to be called “King Lebron” when he’s not even the king of his own castle?

If Lebron thinks he will be allowed to alienate his teammates, hog the basketball, or avoid responsibility like the Cleveland days he’s got another thing coming. Dwayne Wade has held the Heat down for 7 seasons and won a ring for Miami already. Florida has been Dwayne Wade’s state for some time now, just ask Dwight Howard and crew, and not even Lebron can change that.

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