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Americon Idol Champ Attempts Suicide

Fantasia & Jamie Foxx

I guess the suicide attempt shouldn't be much of a surprise

Fantasia Barrino is the winner of American Idol’s season 3. Fantasia has poven to be a productive and succesful singer with 8 grammy nominations off of 2 albums with her 3rd album set to release this year in 2010. But like most female African-American celebrities Fantasia’s talents and commercial success has had no positive impact on Fantasia’s love life. After being raped in high school by a classmate, Fantasia dropped out and by the age of 16 she was pregnant. Fantasia ultimately broke up with her baby daddy because of his physical abuse towards her.

Since all of this happened before Fantasia became rich and famous one would think that her primary goal would be to have a loving, drama free relationship. Surprise, surprise she has been dating a married man named Antwaun Cook for 11 months and acoording to his wife Paula Cook, creating sex tapes with him. Antwaun Cook is being sued for child support by Paula Cook and Fantasia’s was incuded in the court filing.

Even with Fantasia’s unlimited options for men she can’t seem to create an ideal relationship or even set a positive example for her daughter. Could Fantasia at least date an unattached man? Could she atleast have chosen a man that supports his children while he sleeps around with a celebrity? Could she atleast have resolved this issue women to women before it got to court and in the public? After all, Fantasia does have a child of her own. Should we blame her or sympathize with her?


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